Galaxy of LOVE!

Dell Stewart and I ran a cut-out animation workshop with a group of girls from the Flemington Housing Estate as part of the fabulous She.Can.Create project. Here's their blurb (you can also read something here about how this project got started):
"She Can Create is a program which facilitates access to a range of creative workshops over an eight week period. Every Saturday, She Can Create takes a group of young, bright and culturally diverse girls to a different area of Melbourne to learn from a creative professional. Design, dj-ing, sewing, aerosol stenciling, hip hop and photography are among the creative outlets that will be covered."
It was a fun day, thanks to the group being a really great bunch of girls, and I absolutely love the animation they came up with. 

We started with an eclectic selection of collage materials and the simple rule that everything had to move from screen left to screen right. It evolved into imagining what you might see out the window of a space shuttle. Here's what the girls conjured, the Galaxy of LOVE (who knew all that was out there!).  Below that, some photos of the workshop in action.