Since last time...

I've been working regularly at ACMI on many different jobs, including video editing, teaching video and green screen workshops and event coordination. Events-wise, in January I helped deliver a bunch of events as part of the Melbourne Indigenous Arts Festival, including Shadowlife, curated by Djon Mundine and Natalie King, Remembered By by Reko Rennie and the National Indigenous Photo-media Forum in partnership with the Centre for Contemporary Photography. In March I worked with William Kentridge to help deliver his 'In-Conversation' and Anti-Entropy, a pretty amazing lecture including performative elements and a lot of multi-media.

I just finished a writing/ editing job which was a bit of a departure for me, over-writing a chapter for a Year 9 history text for Oxford University Press.

And I've been working sporadically on some local history research for a novelist, which has involved tracking down and interviewing a bunch of different Melbournians.