15 second place/ Westspace

ACMI's new online project/ phone app 15 second place has launched.  I spent a big chunk of the first part of this year making videos for this project, as well as helping with research/ development and production coordination.

The site is about creative responses to real locations - all video content is geo-located, attached to a real place on the map. I interviewed 40+ creative types, including film-makers, street artists, historians and moreabout the significance of specific places to them and their work. I'm just enjoying re-watching the segments on The Dandenong Lunar Drive In and the Chinese New Year celebrations in Little Bourke Street.... All the interviews (edited into web-friendly grabs) are in the Themes section. To find them, click on a theme then choose 'Go Behind the Scenes' under a topic/ place.

Some samples (Chinese street performers, Indigenous artist Reko Rennie and Director Sue Brooks (Japanese Story, Road to Nhill):

I've selected a few more favourites over here.

Site users are encouraged to upload their own videos capturing the places around them and to respond to a different challenge each month (and win prizes!).

West Space 2011 is this year's edition of West Space's annual fundraising exhibition and I have a small work in the show. It's on for a short time only... until September 25. They're in a beautiful new space now and worth supporting!